I believe that everyone’s life matters in this world we are living in today, its a scary world out there at the moment with the corona virus, I am a qualified addiction councillor for the youth but I suppose youth and adults are just the same if i could help at least one person in a day moth or year i wold be happy, its just like your helping yourself. you hear peoples stories everyday and you can relate to it and it hits home, everyone has a different story but now everyone’s story’s are the same, everyone in the world is in lockdown and feeling lonely and maybe scared. everyone has to wear masks and distance yourself from people. people just seem to walk around you even in a big city where thousands of people walk a day bumping off you and you go mad that don’t happen no more the streets are empty the shops are closed its like the end of thee world when is it going to end I don’t think it will end this is life now the new normality, the birth rate will be lesser and less each year as there wont be pubs open to meet a person, This is it now

This is me i just turned 41 years have gone so fast but i still feel young

me and my beautiful kids love them to bits
my daughter Megan on her prom night she is so stunning

Having thus seen how ceramic productions illustrate the art ideas of all nations, having touched upon the influence of pottery upon art in general, and having glanced at its present aims and possible accomplishments, it will not be forgotten, after what has just been said, that the combination of the useful and the beautiful is the great charm of the ceramic art, making between them a new beauty which finds its best place in the household.

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